Our Story..

Asha J was established with the vision to create one platform that would provide access to clothing designers from all over Pakistan. We aspire to bring you the much-loved everyday brand names as well as the elite designers all in one place...


We not only bring you the most beautiful pieces from designers but provide you the latest designs from the current season reflecting today’s fashion and style statements. Asha J engages with the current happenings in the fashion industry of Pakistan to individually select the most desirable and coveted designers. Our selective collection is targeted at those who settle for nothing less than the international standards of quality and design detail in their eastern wear.


The company's inspiration lies in its Pakistani heritage; it comes from all corners of Pakistan. Whether it is the bustling bazaars, the rich culture, the renowned history or the delicious cuisines, it is all reflected in the clothing. The fast paced fashion industry of Pakistan is well-known and has created a name for itself internationally. We exclusively select individual pieces from the designers in this industry to represent our heritage.



Every season Asha J launches its own campaign showcasing the latest creations from the designers, to not only show the beautiful designs of the clothing on models but to also allow you to see them displayed on women you would come across in your everyday life. The campaign brings together our current pieces, the latest seasonal trends and an international twist to present you Asha J’s vision of delivering you accessible Pakistani designer clothing season after season.