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A company that inspires modern elegance and culture in your everyday life by bringing you the most desirable edit in Pakistani high fashion...

Asha J provides access to visionary Pakistani designers, with offerings ranging from casual to luxury ready to wear and accessories that reflect the latest trends and style statements of Pakistan.

Each designer at Asha J is individually chosen for its exquisite aesthetics, which bring together the finest embroidery and intricate design details on delicate fabrics to create ever-lasting statement pieces. Modern or traditional, casual everyday wear or luxury formals, Asha J brings you the latest Pakistani fashion season after season. 

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ASHA JAWED  - CEO & Founder   

ASHA JAWED - CEO & Founder


Asha Jawed is the face and driving force behind the company. Asha’s interest in clothing began from an early age during her visits to Pakistan with her mother. Her trips through the bazaars filled with colourful fabrics, glistening embroidery and endless fashion choices are some of her fondest childhood memories. While Asha was studying Law at university, her mother would regularly visit Pakistan and bring back the latest style statements reflecting the current trends as they were not easily accessible in the UK. After graduation instead of pursuing a career in Law, it was her mother’s trips that inspired her to create Asha J, a platform providing the most desirable clothing from Pakistani designers all in one place. Asha’s vision is to provide access to the most exquisite and aesthetically beautiful apparel, ranging from every day wear to luxury formals, whilst staying up to date with the latest designs from each season.

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